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  • Shrink wrap is a heavy duty polymer plastic film. When heat is applied it shrinks tightly over what ever object to provide a perfectly moulded cover. It will not chaff, rip or flap, leaving what is inside in perfect condition. The 200 to 300 micron shrink wrap has up to a 1 year guarantee and is 100% recyclable. Also available in flame retardant (DIN/BS:EN13501 Class B)
  • Eco Sellado offers a fast and cost effective strong weatherproof containment solution for all shapes and sizes, anywhere!
  • Shrink Wrap can be made into work tents or applied directly to an object, especially with difficult shapes and sizes. Indispensible when there's danger of damaging an expensive asset.
  • Protect the environment from contamination in jobs like the removal of asbestos, grit blasting and painting.
  • Once in place the Shrink Wrap filters UV light at the same time as protecting your valuable investment from any external harsh elements. This provides you with a natuarally lit and contained work environment.
  • Eco Sellado can save you time and money with your maintanance, construction or refit, allowing your work schedule to continue in all weather conditions.
  • Zip or flap doors, windows and vents can be added and modifications are no problem even after the job is finished.
  • In order to see just how versitile shrink wrapping can be, and the types of projects possible, please click here